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Overcome injury, decrease pain and

improve strength and mobility

Kinesiology/Rehabilitation: News and Tips

Patient centered

No two people are the same and no two programs are the same.  Programs are progressed gradually to restore functional ability to allow you to return to work and leisure activities.

Evidenced based

15 year as a professional Kinesiologist with training in trauma informed practice, soft tissue release, functional movement assessment and recovery.

Results oriented

let’s get you back to enjoying life we to empowerment and educate each individual to enhance their recovery and remain well in the future

ICBC approved

Rehab exercise programming specifically for you in a safe and comfortable environment.  We will work with you to complete your program at a gym, in the pool, at home or outside.

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Kinesiology/Rehabilitation: About


The essential difference with the rehab specialist is not just their knowledge.   The ultimate treatment end-goal of the rehabilitation specialist is restore functional movements and return you to all activities of work, recreation and life.  

Evidence shows us that Active rehabilitation is a key component to successful outcomes

Our goal of is to get you back to full movement and function in the shortest period of time. We support you with programs which you can incorporate into your lifestyle even after you have graduated from the program.

Kinesiology/Rehabilitation: About Me


After a failed return to work I started working with Heidi, I’m now back at work full time and full duties, AND I can shoot hoops …which I thought I would never be able to do. Thanks Heidi!

R.L  Care aid 

After my new shoulder I never thought I would be climbing on the roof fixing the house, building gazebo and doing yard work.  I am grateful for Heidi’s knowledge and motivation she made it fun and I remain relatively pain free now (4 months after completion of programming)

G.R  Retiree 

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Kinesiology/Rehabilitation: Testimonials

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